About Us

KatrinaHousing.org was a website that was setup to help place survivors of the 2005 hurricane Katrina, and was built, launched, and run by volunteers. Katrina Housing worked along side the Red Cross, FEMA, HUD, NOMA, and other national organizations to help coordinate placement of these survivors.

KatrinaHousing was featured in many of the leading news networks including:

  • Time
  • Time Life
  • Newsweek
  • USA Today
  • Washington Post
  • Wired Magazine
  • ZDNet
  • National Geographic
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Christian Science Monitor
  • and numerous other national and local news outlets.

Numerous local companies such as Verio, MyFamily, and Verango all pitched in resources to make it possible. KatrinaHousing.org is not currently in service.